Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Merits of Democracy

Here's a link to Mencken on the merits of democracy.


Mencken thought that religiosity was exceptional.

Monkey trial

Here's a web page about the Mencken comments on the Scopes trial.

Still relevant today

Here's an essay on the modern relevance of Mencken.

Mencken on Women

Mencken wrote about women.

Here's an essay on Mencken's views, which were unusual for his age, or any age.

April 7, 1933 - An Epochal Event in the Onward March of Humanity

April 7, 1933 was a good day for HL Mencken. That was the day that Prohibition lapsed. Americans could drink beer again. ( As Marion Elizabeth Rodgers wrote, " reporter had worked harder than Mencken to bring about Prohibition's end."

Mencken reportedly said, "Under the leadership of a personable, attractive and forceful man,we have cast off the cursed yoke imposed by a parcel of umbrella-brandishing halitotic harridans who forced the standards of Goosetown and Waterville, Ohio, upon New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Union Hill, New Jersey."

"Perhaps the first time in history that any of essential liberties of man has been gained without the wholesale emission of blood."